Adopt a People

Adopt a People is part of the Pray for Zero initiative being supported by a number of Mission Organisations. At GBC we are partnering with Frontiers Ireland in Adopting a People group

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'Pray for Zero'

'Pray for Zero' is a prayer initiative that seeks to see the number of unengaged Muslim people groups reach ZERO! A number of  churches in N. Ireland have recently 'adopted' various unengaged Muslim people groups for a year of prayer.


To find out more about Pray for Zero click HERE

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The Luwu

The Luwu are the people group we have adopted here at GBC. They are located on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.They generally live as farmers. Beside planting rice, they also grow corn, peanuts, Chile peppers, cassava and potatoes. They also grow coffee and cloves for trading.

They are well known in the area for their houses and rice barns which are decorated with complex carvings.

Click here for more info on the LUWU

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Praying for the Luwu

Why not join us and pray each day for a month over the next year. Booklets with all the prayer points etc. are available from Robert Davidson or any Mission Team member.