Life in many colours

Joseph is best known as the man with the coat of many colours but you could say he lived a life of many colours too. From the ugly green of His brothers murderous jealousy, to the red unbridled lust of his boss’s wife, to the black coldness of the prison cell in which he was left languishing, to the regal purples and gilded golds of Pharaoh’s palace courts to which he was finally elevated. Here was a man who faced so many ups and downs; bright seasons of blessing and favour in the eyes of others, but also seasons of extreme darkness, hardship and rejection even at the hands of his own family members. 

Yet what is very obvious is through it all Joseph displayed a quiet unwavering trust in God’s providence - that is the belief that our God is not only sovereign, but that He is good and He is actively working out His good purposes in our lives and in His world. So much so that even what man devises for harm, our God can be trusted to turn around for good!

During Autumn 2014 we take a tour through the closing chapters of Genesis. We will be focusing not so much on every intricate detail of Joseph’s epic story, but on the different circumstances and challenges he faced, and how his faith in God continually informed his responses and gave him a hope that was steadfast. 

Life with its many ups and downs presents us all with the challenge to either trust God’s way or simply go our own way. Here we find an encouraging and inspiring testimony of a man (just like us) who faced the full technicolour rainbow of human experience, and yet would not let go of that hidden, all-powerful hand of God. And at the end of the day such faith was not disappointed.