Mango Tree

A place for the community to meet

In many parts of East Africa, the local meeting place for the community is under a mango tree. The cafe provides the same function - a place where people can socialise, chat, or seek help.

The cafe runs on the following days during term time:
Wednesday:  10am - 1pm
Friday: 10am - 12pm
Saturday: 10am - 12:30pm.

A place to relax...

The cafe provides a relaxing social space to catch up with family or friends. Grab a cuppa, read a paper, or let the kids play in the toy corner. We believe cost should not be preventative for people to come along, and so the cafe works on an honesty basis. If you would like to / are able to give money, then you can donate, and if not, don't worry! The proceeds of donations go towards church projects and mission work.

A place to find help...

The church believes in the power of prayer, and if you would like us to pray for something or someone, then please speak to a volunteer. The local Christians Against Poverty Centre is also located at GBC, and you can get more information about CAP and the help available for those struggling with debt, unemployment, or addiction issues.

A place to explore faith...

We have a number of free resources to take which explain the Christian faith. We also have Bible which are free to have. If you would like to discuss issues of faith, then chat to one of our volunteers.